now 15 years old!

Old logo from 2000

Hard to believe but this site is now 15 years old today! It originated sort of a place for random stuff. A lot of it Sonic related and whatever came across my mind 15 years ago. To left is the original logo for this place.

Even though this place has undergone a lot of transformations the last 15 years, a few things have NEVER changed.

  • The font color
  • This text at bottom: The Domain of Dr Lighthead, Gore, and Robotar, is the RSupremor in which is where you appear to be right now. All base operations take place here.
  • Picture Wars – Content on the page has changed but it still remains on as a link on the main site

Building websites

I like to build websites.

I recently got my first client and he does landscaping locally. So now with spring now starting, it made sense that he wanted to let the world know he’s out there. He knew me well enough (from at work) that he canceled the person he was originally going to have build the site once he learned I could build one for him at likely a fraction he would have paid.

Fast forward to now and you see the product as it is today: Rotterdam Landscaping

This is fun!

Google Maps can be helpful with road conditions

I live in a snowy area. Road conditions can get bad really quick. I’ve noticed that Google Maps’ live traffic information is a gateway to gauge road conditions. Green lines would mean likely plowed areas while yellow and red lines mean cars are slowing down because of poor conditions. I suppose there’s a chance it could be actual traffic but when you know the weather is bad, it’s far more likely to show yellow and red lines because of road conditions. Version 8.0!

Here we have this site’s biggest update its ever had. I’ve converted it to a more portfolio type of site, removing a lot of the previous content that no longer made much sense to keep around. It’s not all gone however. You can find it at

So about that Picture Wars.. I’m keeping it around. I want to get into app development and ambitiously develop an app for it.

8th Anniversary

Lo and behold, another anniversary date. 8th site anniversary. As you can tell, this site is not really flourishing anymore. The reason I keep it around is mainly for legacy/nostalgia purposes. This will probably be one of the last updates for this site, however, it will not disappear… at least not for awhile. If I come up with something, it’ll prolly come forth in the form of a new site.

You may have noticed the lovely new background. The only other thing relatively new is a slightly rearranged FexusFan section, which again is mainly for archive type stuff.

Until next time! ^.^